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Large Animal & Exotic

Ruminant practice

This practice provides services for:

  • diagnosis and treatment of diseases in ruminants including cattle, buffaloes, sheep and goats
  • herd health programmes egs vaccination, deworming, fertility examination.
  • extension and advice on herd health and disease control.
  • field examination of patients or the animals can be transported to the large animal wards to be examined.

Our clients include farmers (small holders), commercial farms, government as well as private sectors.

Avian practice

This section provides services for:

  • diagnosis and treatment of diseases in avian including pet birds, game birds, zoo birds and poultry.
  • advice on flock health practice and monitoring.


Swine practice

In swine practice, the fourth and fifth year DVM students visit intensive commercial piggeries in response to request for help from farmers or as routine herd health visits. These practicals expose the students to the health and production problems of the pig industry in the country. It is also designed to enable the students to acquire practical skills in the investigation of pig diseases

Equine practice

The equine medicine and surgery unit provides ambulatory services to government bodies, equestrian clubs and private horse owners mainly in Klang Valley and throughout the country. Services for treatment, advisory and consultation are available mainly for equestrian and recreation horses. Response for services are bases on call and appointment. The services are provided by two specialists in equine medicine, surgery and theriogenology. The unit is also supported by facilities of UVH in services and treatment such as radiology, clinical pathology, bacteriology, nutrition, post-mortem, etc.

Theriogenology and Cytogenetics

Activities in the Theriogenology section include:

  • pregnancy diagnosis in various species
  • research on in vivo/in vitro production and manipulation of ruminant embryos
  • services on semenology and clinical practice of veterinary obstetrics

The UVH Cytogenetic Laboratory offers a full service cytogenetic laboratory and counselling service. Currently, we routinely use conventional procedure to detect any numerical or structural aberrations of chromosomes. Banding techniques are employed when deletions, inversions, duplications and reciprocal translocations are involved. We also offer genetic counselling in problems which involve birth defects, delayed or abnormal sexual development, metabolic disorders or immune deficiency syndromes. Identification of the genetic components in these conditions and determining the risk of recurrence of specific anomalies are vital to veterinary medicine which is primarily concerned with the alleviation of health related problems in livestock and companion animals.

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