Universiti Putra Malaysia campus is strategically located within the Multimedia
Supercorridor (MSC) and is only a 10-minute drive from the centre of new federal
territory of Putrajaya.

The campus is surrounded by vibrant townships of Kajang (16
km), Seri Petaling (14 km), and the city of Kuala Lumpur (24 km). Public transport
services (bus and rail commuter services) are regularly scheduled to Kuala Lumpur
and nearby townships.

The university operates regular shuttle-bus services between
the residential colleagues and the academic complexes and between UPM campus
and selected destinations off-campus such as the rail commuter stations. The UPM
co-operatives store provides essential daily sundries.

The small towns adjacent to
the campus, Taman Seri Serdang and Seri Kembangan also offer a wide range of
amenities ranging from daily sundries to academic utilities such as printing and
binding of documents....more details


There are several methods or ways to foster understanding and friendship between all members of the academic staff, non-academic and contract / temporary.

With the establishment of the Sports & Recreation activities carried out by KSRV is based on the recommendations, the requirements and demands of staff. KSRV also has organized sports and recreational activities for its members.

In addition, KSRV also organizes social activities, religious and welfare both to members or to the public.