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Hospital Veterinar Universiti

Universiti Putra Malaysia is only institution of higher education in Malaysia with a well-equipped Veterinary Hospital and Laboratory Services Unit. The facility provides clinical and laboratory training to DVM undergraduates and MVM graduate students and through consultation, treatment and surgery, laboratory diagnosis and other veterinary-related services to the public and veterinary practitioners.

The University Veterinary Hospital was established in 1975 by the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science, Universiti Pertanian Malaysia.The hospital went through a number of name changes and finally in November 1996, it was given the name University Veterinary Hospital or UVH for short.

The Hospital began humbly as a small animal and ambulatory large animal clinics with a small laboratory to assist diagnosis. It has since grown to a semi-independent entity of the Faculty equipped with hospital wards and outpatient clinics to handle cases of all animal species. The hospital (2°98’N, 101°71’E) is situated within the Veterinary Complex of UPM.

The services at the UVH are provided by experience veterinarians, paraprofessionals, and consultants from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, UPM. The hospital provides services to include internal medicine, surgery, anaesthesiology, veterinary imaging (CT, radiology, ultrasonography), cardiology, neurology, oncology and reproduction for all species of animals.

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