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UVH in Harian Metro

    For pet owners such as cats, dogs , birds or reptiles, routine veterinary clinic instead of visiting foreign matter , but there is room service and treatment methods offered .

    However , if told about the veterinary hospital offering treatment procedures , services, wards and operating rooms just like humans , there are difficult to believe.

    Assuming exaggerated stories about the availability of intensive care unit ( ICU ) , the quarantine ward , endoscopy services , sonographic , heart surgery and cancer treatment , perhaps even a lot of laughs .

    Veterinary Hospital Universiti Putra Malaysia ( UPM), equipped with all facilities to people who do not believe that when cats are treated like human beings.

    STUDENT exposed by lecturers and medical experts .

    When stepping into the anteroom University Veterinary Hospital ( UVH ) last week , I also smiled to himself.

    Looking at the behavior of cats in cages and bird rests on the shoulders of proprietory , I shook my head and managed to joke , "Surely cat had cancer , chemotherapy and cardiac surgeons ? "

    However , immediately stepped in with l Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Assoc Prof Dr Gurmeet K Dhaliwal , so I was impressed.

    UVH front counter is divided into two, namely dogs and cats. Dr Gurmeet , the division is important for the control of stress and emotion animals each time getting treatment there.

    The registration process took place at the counter before pet owners with pets called in for inspection .

    " Each animal is problematic here is called the patient and they have to go through the initial screening to identify the type of disease , diet , activity level and background of his life .

    " This procedure should be performed in the treatment room by a qualified veterinary surgeon with the help of trainer and co- owner of the animal.

    "While the equipment and facilities used is the latest , " said the prophets.

    According to Dr Gurmeet , animals have been identified symptoms of infectious diseases should be isolated gone through the Quarantine Ward .

    " In normal cases, the animals are allowed to return to the owner of observation . But in the case of critical or semi- critical , animals should be admitted to the hospital for observation and further treatment, " he said.

    In the ICU of the hospital , the authors managed to see a cat in a critical condition after falling from the ninth floor apartment you prophets.

    The animal was lucky to found their owners within 24 hours before being rushed to UVH . Initial examination found her intestines were injured and confirmed to face the problem of severe septic shock .

    As a result, affected cats had to be placed in the ' bed ' special supply sufficient oxygen and liquid drip .

    Various scenarios can be seen in UVH , even to the survival of serious pet dealt face as human life .

    Said Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Prof Dr Mohd Hair Bejo , the government tried to provide treatment and care of animals just like humans because every life is worth thought .

    " This is not a service ( UVH ) otherwise we are just beginning to offer services over the old building . Last year a total of 15.251 cases UVH include pet, large animal , avian , exotic , aquatic and wildlife.

    " Even the number of cases referred to here an encouraging increase every year , " he said.

    Dr Mohd Hair, UVH established since 1975 by the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine , UPM started with a pet clinics and mobile clinics .

    The service was later supported a modest laboratory services , but UVH today is a hospital equipped with the latest amenities .

    "As a teaching hospital , equipped with various equipment UVH diagnosis, treatment of animals, laboratory and special operating room .

    " In addition to offering outpatient services, UVH also have expertise in the fields of medicine, veterinary surgery , imaging and laboratory diagnosis, " he said.

    Not limited to just a pet , Dr Mohd Hair said UVH also offers a mobile clinic to the operators of livestock , livestock breeders and pet owners in sports .

    " Ward of large animals are also available in this hospital and we have extensive expertise in the field of medicine ruminants , equine and swine.

    " Completing the function , UVH also offer health screening for species of fish and shrimp through Aquatic Animal Health Unit , " he said.

    INFO :

    - Established since 1975.

    - Hailed as the largest veterinary hospitals in Malaysia and has the latest equipment in Southeast Asia.

    - Living room 11 new features , including emergency care consultation room, oncology and ophthalmology room .

    - Ward can accommodate 61 cats pet .

    - Ward Dogs can accommodate 22 dogs at one time.

    - ICU ward can accommodate 15 critically ill patients .

    - Quarantine Ward can accommodate 27 animals with contagious diseases .

    - There are six operating rooms equipped with the latest equipment .

    - Species of animals can be treated in a special operating room more spacious.

    - Most large animals such as horses, goats , cows and pigs are treated in farms .

    - In addition to treatment , UVH also provide vaccinations.

    - The process of teaching and learning in UVH supported the expertise of consultants and veterinary officers from six departments .

    - Services offered include detection and treatment , group health , disease control, ultra sound and advisory services.

    - Some of the most common pets brought to UVH are cats, dogs , rabbits , birds, reptiles and exotic pets .

    Reference : http://www.hmetro.com.my/articles/UnitICUhaiwan/Article

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