» Dr. Reuben Sunil Kumar Sharma

Dr. Reuben Sunil Kumar Sharma

Dr Reuben Sunil Kumar Sharma

Chartered Biologist (CBiol., MIBiol.) - Institute of Biology, London
Doctor of Philosophy (2006.), University of Cambridge
Master of Veterinary Science (2001) - Universiti Putra Malaysia
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (1999) - Universiti Putra Malaysia

Field of Expertise : Molecular Parasitology
Research interest : [1] Molecular and cell biology of parasitic protozoa [2] Phylogenetics and systematics of tropical parasites. [3]Tropical wildlife diseases Wildlife ecology and conservation genetics

E-mail  : reuben@upm.edu.my
Telephone  : +603 9769 3456
Google Scholar : [ Click Here ]  (Publications ........................... (100+) 

Department of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnostics 
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Universiti Putra Malaysia, 43400 UPM, Serdang
Selangor Darul Ehsan.

VPM 3351 - Veterinary Parasitology I
VPM 3352 - Veterinary Parasitology II
VPK 3931 - Clinical Practice and Diagnosis
VPK 3920 - Veterinary Ethics and Jurisprudence
VPK 4695 - Exotic Animal and Wildlife Medicine
SHW 4100 - Wildlife and Recreational Animal Management
VPM 5312 - Advance Diagnostic Veterinary Parasitology II
VPM 3531 - The Practice of Veterinary Parasitology I

El-Sayed, N. M. et al. (2005). The genome sequence of Trypanosoma cruzi, etiologic agent of Chagas disease. Science. 309(5733):409-415. 

Ganapathy, K. and Sharma, R.S.K (2003). Cheilospirura species (gizzard worm) infection in battery-caged commercial layer chickens. Veterinary Record. 153(23):716-717. 

Sharma, R.S.K, Rigby, M.C., Sumita, S., Sani, R.A, Vidyadaran, M.K., Jasni, S. and Dailey, M.D. (2002). Redescription of Serpinema octorugatum Baylis, 1933) (Nematoda: Camallanidae) from the Malayan box turtle Cuora amboinensis (Daudin) (Chelonia: Bataguridae). Systematic Parasitology. 53(1):19-28. 

Mohd. Azlan, J., Sharma, R.S.K. and Zakaria, M. (2000). Species diversity and relative abundance of understorey bats at Air Hitam Forest Reserve, Selangor, Malaysia. Malayan Nature Journal. 54(1):49-55. 

Sharma, R.S.K., Vidyadaran, M.K., Zulkifli, I., Mohd Azlan, J., Sumita S, Azilah, A.J. and Ho, O.K. (1999). Ecomorphological implications of the microstructures on the tongue of the Fawn Round-leaf Bat, Hipposideros cervinus (Chiroptera : Hipposideridae). Australian Journal of Zoology. 47:405-409. 

Sharma, R.S.K., Sharma, D.S.K. and Vidyadaran, M.K. (1999). Amblyomma geoemydae (Acari: Ixodidae) collected off Asian Brown Tortoises, Manouria emys from Terengganu, Malaysia. Tropical Biomedicine. 16(1): 43-47. 

Sharma, R.S.K., Vidyadaran, M.K., and Mohd Azlan, J. (1998). Amblyomma geoemydae (Acari: Ixodidae) parasite of the Spiny Hill Turtle, Heosemys spinosa. Journal Veterinar Malaysia. 10(2):85. 

Vidyadaran, M.K., Sharma, R.S.K., Sumita, S, Zulkifli, I. and Razeem-Mazlan, A. (1998). Male genital organs and accessory glands of the Lesser Mousedeer (Tragulus javanicus). Journal of Mammalogy. 80(1). 199-204. 

Sharma, R.S.K., Vidyadaran, M.K., Mohd Azlan, J., Sumita, S., Shanti, G. Azila, J. and Ho. O. K. (1997). Scanning electron microscopic observations on the dorsal lingual surface of the Lesser Dog-faced Fruit Bat, Cynopterus brachyotis Megachiroptera, Pteropoididae): adaptations to frugivory. Journal Veterinar Malaysia. 9(2):67-77. 

Sharma, R.S.K., Vidyadaran, M.K., Sumita, S. and Razeem-Mazlan, A. (1996). Morphological adaptations of the muzzle and anterior dentition of the Lesser Mousedeer (Tragulus javanicus) in relation to its dietary preferences. Journal Veterinar Malaysia. 8(2):57-62


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