» Dr. Nik Mohd Faiz Nik Mohd Azmi

Dr. Nik Mohd Faiz Nik Mohd Azmi

Dr. Nik Mohd Faiz Nik Mohd Azmi

Doctor of Philosophy (2016) - Nc State University, USA
Master of Veterinary Medicine (2011) - Universiti Putra Malaysia
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (2009) -  Universiti Putra Malaysia

Field of expertise : Avian Medicine
Research interest : [1] Poultry Disease [2] Vaccine Development [3] Multidrug Resistant Microbial Populations Impact on Veterinary and Public Health [4] Edible Bird Nest Swiftlet: Production, Health and Product Quality

E-mail  : nikmdfaiz@upm.edu.my
Telephone  : +603 9769 3934
Google Scholar : [ Klik di sini ]  (Publications ........................... (100+) 

Department of Veterinary Clinical Studies 
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Universiti Putra Malaysia, 43400 UPM, Serdang
Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Undergraduate / Postgraduate

VPK 3932- Clinical Practice and Diagnosis II
VPK 4941 - Veterinary Practice I
VPK 4942 - Veterinary Practice II
VPK 4680 - Avian Medicine
VPK 3612 - Veterinary Clinical Skills
VPD 4999 - Final Year Project


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Nik M. Faiz, Aneg L. Cortes, James S. Guy, Jonathan E. Fogle, Isabel M. Gimeno. (2015). Efficacy of various Marek's disease vaccines protocols for prevention of Marek's disease virus-induced immunosuppression. Vaccine. Jul 29; 34(35):4180-7. 2016.

Nik M. Faiz, Aneg L. Cortes, James S. Guy, Oscar J. Fletcher, Melissa West, Enrique Montiel, Isabel M. Gimeno. Early infection with Marek's disease virus can jeopardize protection conferred by laryngotracheitis vaccines: a method to study MDV-induced immunosuppression. Avian Pathology. Dec; 45(6):606-615. 2016.

I.M. Gimeno, A.L. Cortes, N. Faiz, T. Villalobos, H. Badillo, T. Barbosa. Efficacy of various HVT vaccines (conventional and recombinant) against Marek’s disease in broiler chickens: effect of dose and age of vaccination. Avian Diseases. Sep;60(3):662-8. 2016.

Gimeno IM, Faiz NM, Cortes AL, Barbosa T, Villalobos T, Pandiri AR. In Ovo Vaccination with Turkey Herpesvirus Hastens Maturation of Chicken Embryo Immune Responses in Specific-Pathogen-Free Chickens. Avian Dis. Sep; 59 (3):375-83. 2015.

Gimeno, I.M., A.L. Cortes, N.M. Faiz, T. Barbosa, and T. Villalobos Evaluation of Factors Influencing Efficacy of Vaccine Strain CVI988 against Marek’s Disease in Meat-Type Chickens. Avian Diseases 59:400-409. 2015.

Gimeno, I.M., A.L. Cortes, N.M. Faiz, B.A. Hernandez-Ortiz, J.S. Guy, H.D. Hunt, and R.F. Silva Evaluation of the Protection Efficacy of a Serotype 1 Marek's Disease Virus-Vectored Bivalent Vaccine Against Infectious Laryngotracheitis and Marek's Disease. Avian Diseases 59:255-262. 2015.

Sanaei, M.R., J. Abu, M. Nazari, N.M. Faiz, M.Z.A. Bakar, and Z.N. Allaudin Heterotopic Implantation of Autologous Bone Marrow in Rock Pigeons (Columba livia): Possible Applications in Avian Bone Grafting. Journal of Avian Medicine and Surgery 25:247-253. 2011.



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