» Dr. Mark Hiew Wen Han

Dr. Mark Hiew Wen Han

Dr. Mark Hiew Wen Han

Doctor of Philosophy (2014) - Purdue University
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (2008) -  Universiti Putra Malaysia

Field of expertise : Animal Reproduction
Research interest : Animal Reproduction

E-mail  :  mark@upm.edu.my
Telephone  : +603 9769 3933
Google Scholar : [ Klik di sini ]  (Penerbitan ........................... (100+) 

Department of Veterinary Clinical Studies
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Universiti Putra Malaysia, 43400 UPM, Serdang
Selangor Darul Ehsan.


AHP 2203 - Animal Reproduction
AHP 2604 - Disease of Animal
VPK 3932 - Clinical Practice and Diagnosis II
VPK 4941 - Veterinary Practice I
VPK 4942 - Veterinary Practice II
VPK 3613 - Veterinary Clinical Medicine I
VPK 3801 - Theriogenology
VPK 4640 - Feline and Canine Medicin



Hiew M.W.H., Baird A.N., Constable P.D. (2018) Clinical signs and outcomes of beef cattle undergoing cesarean section because of dystocia
Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association 252 (7), 864-872

Megahed A.A., Hiew M.W.H., El Badawy S.A., Constable P.D. (2018) Plasma calcium concentrations are decreased at least 9 hours before parturition in multiparous Holstein-Friesian cattle in a herd fed an acidogenic diet during late gestation.
Journal of Dairy Science 101 (2), 1365-1378

Megahed A.A., Hiew M.W.H., Townsend J.R., Constable P.D. (2017) Characterization of the analytic performance of an electrochemical point‐of‐care meter for measuring β‐hydroxybutyrate concentration in blood and plasma from periparturient dairy cattle. 
Veterinary Clinical Pathology 46 (2), 314-325

Tan Y.K., Khairuddin N.H., Hiew M.W.H., Radzi R. (2017) Urinary bladder rupture secondary to obstructive urolithiasis in a Jamnapari goat. J. Vet. Malaysia 29 (2), 20-24

Megahed A.A., Hiew M.W.H., Grünberg W., Constable P.D. (2017) Evaluation of 2 portable ion-selective electrode meters for determining whole blood, plasma, urine, milk, and abomasal fluid potassium concentrations in dairy cattle
Journal of Dairy Science 99 (9), 7330-7343

Hiew, M. W. H., Megahed, A. A., Townsend, J. R., Singleton, W. L., & Constable, P. D. (2016). 
Clinical utility of calf front hoof circumference and maternal intrapelvic area in predicting dystocia in 103 late gestation Holstein-Friesian heifers and cows. 
Theriogenology85(3), 384-395.

Hiew, M.W.H., Megahed, A.A. & Constable, P.D. (2015) 
Clinical utility of measuring changes in feed intake and rumen motility to predict parturition in late gestation Holstein-Friesian cattle. Symposium on Frontier of Animal Reproductive Biotechnologies. 
The 41st Congress on Science and Technology of Thailand.

Megahed, A. A., Hiew, M. W. H., Townsend, J. R., Messick, J. B., & Constable, P. D. (2015). 
Evaluation of an Electrochemical Point‐of‐Care Meter for Measuring Glucose Concentration in Blood from Periparturient Dairy Cattle. 
Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine29(6), 1718-1727.

Constable, P. D., Hiew, M. W. H., Tinkler, S., & Townsend, J. (2014). 
Efficacy of oral potassium chloride administration in treating lactating dairy cows with experimentally induced hypokalemia, hypochloremia, and alkalemia. 
Journal of Dairy Science97(3), 1413-1426.

Hiew, M. W. H., Megahed, A. A, Townsend, J.R., Horstman, L.A. & Constable, P. D. (2013) 
Changes in rectal temperature, sacrosciatic ligament relaxation, and plasma progesterone concentration at 24 hours before parturition in Holstein-Friesian cattle. 
American Association of Bovine Practitioners 46th Annual Conference Milwaukee, WI, September 2013.

Hiew, M.W.H., Horstman, L.A., Singleton, W.L., Messick, J.B. and Constable. P.D. (2011)
Evaluation of 2 chute-side tests for the detection of leukocytes and bacteria in semen from yearling bulls. 
American Association of Bovine Practitioners 44th Annual Conference St Louis, MO, September 2011.

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