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Tissue Culture Fowl Pox Vaccine

Fowl pox virus causes economic losses due to high morbidity, drop in egg production and mortality.
Previously the vaccine was prepared in embryonated eggs and delivered in a wet form. Through extensive research, researchers of the Faculty have successfully cloned a fowl pox virus that can be adapted to chick-embryo fibroblast tissue culture.

The special features of this new clone are that it can grow well in tissue culture, giving a high titre and produces homogenous and high quality vaccine, which can be prepared in freeze-dried form. This technique of preparation reduces operational costs and shortens production time per dose as compared with that using embryonated eggs. The vaccine is also more stable and has a long shelf-life.

This technology of fowl pox vaccine production in tissue-culture is the first to be developed in Malaysia. It is now produced commercially by Malaysian Vaccines and Pharmaceutical Sdn. Bhd. and the product was launched in 1995.

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