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Sarang Burung Walit: Pengeluaran, Kesihatan & Kualiti Produk

Edible Bird Nest Swiftlet: Production, health and product quality
Center of Excellence on Swiftlets


The edible bird nest (EBN) swiftlet industry in Malaysia is rapidly growing due to the demand for EBNs nests world-wide. The Aerodramus fuciphagus species that is found only in the South East Asian region is the main target for the industry. There are limited scientific publications on the EBN swiftlet in Malaysia such as their genetics and subspecies delineations, various aspects of quality control, variability of diet of this special species, health status and susceptibility to important avian viruses and other important aspects.

Ongoing research in various areas will benefit the industry and economic importance for Malaysia. Many issues related to the industry and government has been addressed especially on the export of the raw nests, product quality, nitrite issues and market surveys by this group and research collaborators from University National Malaysia, University Malaysia Perlis, SIRIM, University Malaysia Kelantan and University Science Malaysia. Therefore, with regards on the above issues and current and future challanges, UPM has been elected as the Center of Excellence on Swiftlet in 2011 by Ministry of Agriculture and Agro Based Industry.

Keywords: edible bird nest swiftlet, health, quality control

Information on Key Researchers:

Professor Datin Paduka Dr Aini Ideris Professor (Leader)
- Avian Medicine Veterinary Clinical Studies (UPM)

Prof Dr Tengku Azmi bin Tengku Ibrahim
Professor Dr. Saleha Abdul Aziz - Veterinary Public Health(UPM)
Professor Dr. Jothi Malar Pandandam - Genetic& Breeding Animal Science
Professor Dr. Idris Abd. Ghani
Professor Dr. Abd Salam Babji/ (Nazaruddin Ramli)
Professor Dr. Azhar Kasim - Nutrition Animal Science (Animal Nutrition)
Professor Dr. Abdul Rahman Omar
Professor Dr. Shahwahid

Associate Professor Dr Zunita Zakaria
Associate Professor Dr. Jalila Abu - Health and disease Veterinary Clinical Studies (Avian Medicine)
Associate Professor Dr. Hafidzi Mohd Noor - Ecology & Behaviour Plant Protection (Zoology)
Associate Professor Dr Zainab bt Hamzah
Associate Professor Dr Lim Yang Mooi

Dr Hafidzi Mohd Noor
Dr Rashid 
Dr Syed Abdul Rahman Al-Haddad Syed Mohamed
Dr Christopher Lim Thiam Seong
Dr Saiful Nizam Tajuddin
Dr Megat Al Imran Bin Yasin
Dr. Lee Ting Hun
Mdm Azizon bt Abdullah
S. Thavamanithevi
Sarifah Rejab

Research Highlights:

  • Top down research grant from Ministry of Agricultural and Agro Based Industry. Elected UPM as the Centre of Excellence on Swiftlet in 2011.

    Research group members headed by section head. In each group, a number of researchers that already well known in their field of research and as expert consultants to government agencies, such as Department of Veterinary Services, Malaysian Department of Plant Protections and Ministry of Health and as well as animal industries. Very strong group of research collaborators all over Malaysia involve in this program with their own niche of experts and disciplines.

    Research laboratories of various disciplines which involve in all research areas are available which include the Department of Veterinary Services, Faculty of Agriculture UPM (Department of Animal Science, Department of Plant Protection) and Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (Bacteriology and Virology Laboratories).

    The networking and linkages include having very strong relationship with Malaysian together with the supports from Department of Veterinary Services to support industry needs and outline of research programs.

Current Projects:

  • Total budget received: Three Million

    Swiftlets Wave Sound Detection, Recognition and Synthesis through Spectrogram Processing.

    Interaksi fenologi pokok, kepelbagaian serangga dan burung walit. Effective & Sustainable Ranching: Study on Chemical Interaction Between Floral Scent and Edible Bird Nest Attraction.

    Health And Disease Surveillance On Edible-Nest Swiftlets Aerodermus Spesies.

    Faktor-faktor Yang Mempengaruhi Kualiti Tinja Burung Walit Di Malaysia Dan Potensi Penggunannya Untuk Penjanaan Ekonomi.

    Evaluation of antiviral properties of edible bird nest (EBN) extract against influenze A virus (IAV) infection.

    Medicinal Properties, Nutritional Values and Safety Profiles of Edible Bird's Nest.

    The development of bird's nest downstream products

    Optimizing Feeds and Feeding for Edible-Nest Swiftlets.

    The Digestive System Of The Swiftlets - An Ultrastructural Study

    Penyelidikan dan Penerbitan Dokumentari Burung Walit Ke Persada Dunia

    Quality Assessment using Sensor Technology from UniMAP

    Compositional Variations of Nitrites, Nutritional, Mineral and Heavy Metal in Raw-clean Edible-birdnest(EBN) : Method Validation

    A study on Edible Bird's Nest: Immunomodulation, neuronal differentiation of Mesencymal stem cell and neuronal regeneration capability

    Development of Quality Index for Edible Bird's Nest After Cleaning and Processing

    The potential of Edible Bird's Nest (EBN) Extract as Anti-Cancer Agent and Immunoadjuvant on Human Breast Cancer

    Isolation and Identification of Bacteria from Swiflets and Edible Birds Nest (EBN ) and the Anti-bacterial Properties of EBN

    Parasites of Aerodramus fuciphagus in Perak, Malaysia

    Development of multiplex Taqman real-time polymerase chain reaction method for rapid and sensitive authentication of edible bird's nest

    Economic analysis of Edible Bird's Nest industry of Malaysia

Completed Projects:

  • Dr Hafidzi Mohd Noor -
    Geographic distribution and ecological roles of distinct subpopulations of Aerodramus fuciphagus in Malaysia. (09/11 - 09/13)

    Dr Rashid MARDI -
    The study on Marketing and Competitiveness of Malaysian Swiftlet Industry (04/12 - 10/13)

    Prof. Dr. Saleha Abdul Aziz UPM -
    Evaluation of the Quality of Edible Birds' Nests Produced in Malaysia (09/11 - 09/13)

    S. Thavamanithevi SIRIM -
    Characterization and Standardization of Edible Bird's Nest (EBN) - Determination of Sialic Acid (05/11 - 12/13)

    Prof Dr Jothi Malar Panandam UPM -
    Genetic Characterisation of the Malaysian Edible Bird's Nest Swiftlets (08/11 - 07/13)

Recent Publications:

  • Edible Bird Nest Industry Conference 2012 (November 2012):Poster Abstract
    1. Chow G .H., Jalila A., Arshad S.S., Tan S. W., Siti Khatijah M., & Ong K. W. Detection Of Newcastle Disease Virus In Edible-Nest Swiftlet (Aerodramus Fuciphagus) Ranched Under An Oil Palm Plantation In Sungkai, Perak, Malaysia

    2. Fhaisol M.A., Intan-Shameha A.R., Zuki, A.B.Z., and Azhar K. Gross Morphology Of The Intestine Of Edible Bird's-Nest Swiftlet (Aerodramus Fuciphagus) And House Swift (Apus Nipalensis).

    3. Derwin M.D.S.A., Arshad S.S., Mehrbod P., Kamaruddin A.I., Bande F., Jalila A. and Fadzilah-A'ini A.K. A Preliminary Study On In Vitro Evaluation Of ANTIVIRAL PROPERTIES OF BIRD NEST EXTRACT AGAINST ANIMAL CORONAVIRUS

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