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Research Center for Ruminant Disease

Research Centre for Ruminant Diseases

Research Centre for Ruminant Diseases (RCRD), previously known as Centre of Excellent for Ruminant was established in 2008. RCRD coordinates and focuses the strength of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in ruminant disease and medicine towards research on selected and important ruminant diseases.

With the current expertise, facilities and collaborative partners worldwide, the Research Centre for Ruminant Diseases provides a conducive research environment for researchers to collaborate in research and provide training for young researchers and farmers. Currently, RCRD is active in 5 research programs involving 5 principle and 5 associate researchers, and a research officer.

The goals of RCRD are to enhance knowledge on important ruminant diseases via integrated and inter-disciplinary research activities and to disseminate the research output and knowledge both locally and internationally via scientific publication and training.


To become a leading regional research centre on ruminant diseases through integrated and inter-disciplinary research.


  • To perform integrated and comprehensive research, which include fundamental and strategic researches on selected ruminant diseases
  • To disseminate research results and outcomes both at national and international levels through scientific publications
  • To enhance the awareness on ruminant diseases and control methods via advisory, consultation and training activities
  • To offer scientific environment on ruminant research for collaborative research and training


 The current research programs include:

  •  Pasteurellosis of ruminants 
    • Pasteurellosis of goats and sheep
    • Haemorrhagic septicaemia of cattle and buffaloes
  • Zoonotic diseases
    • Brucellosis of large and small ruminants
    • Caseous lymphadenitis of goats
  • Herd health and disease control
    • Herd health protocols including feed and feeding, and breeding of meat goats and buffaloes
  • Metabolic diseases of ruminants
    • Ketosis and milk fever
    • Mastitis of cattle and goats



  1. Zamri Saad
    Coordinator; veterinary pathology; ruminant pasteurellosis & brucellosis []
  2. MM Noordin
    Veterinary pathology; ruminant mastitis []
  3. AH Wahid
    Theriogenology; ruminant breeding []
  4. YM Goh
    Veterinary physiology; ruminant nutrition []
  5. FFA Jesse
    Ruminant medicine; ruminant pasteurellosis; caseous lymphadenitis []


Associate Members

  1. ABZ Zuki
    Veterinary anatomy; ruminant breeding and imaging []
  2. N Yimer
    Theriogenology; ruminant breeding []
  3. AH Hasliza
    Animal nutrition; ruminant feed and feeding []
  4. M Rozaihan
    Ruminant medicine; mastitis []
  5. S Annas
    Veterinary pathology; ruminant pasteurellosis; mastitis; septicaemia []


For More Information Please Contact : 

Professor Dr. Mohd Zamri Saad
Department of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnostics, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine,
Universiti Putra Malaysia, 43400 UPM

 Telephone : +603 9769 3453  or Handphone :  +6012 395 2921

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