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Centre of Excellence on Swiftlet

The edible bird nest (EBN) swiftlet industry in Malaysia is rapidly growing due to the worldwide demand for EBNs nests. The swiftlet, Aerodramus fuciphagus, is found only in the South East Asian region and being sought for its nests. Currently, scientific publications on the EBN swiftlet are very few, particularly on genetics and subspecies delineations, diet, health status, and diseases of this species of birds. In 2011, UPM has been chosen by Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry, 71 Malaysia to house the Center of Excellence on Swiftlet and spearhead research on these birds their nests. Among on-going researches on the swiflet are on determination the characteristic and quality of the nests, nitrite contents of nests, and marketability of EBN. Research by the group involves collaborators from National University of Malaysia, University Malaysia Perlis, Scientific and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia, University Malaysia Kelantan, and University of Science Malaysia.

Ruminant Diseases Research Centre

Malaysia is importing food at a cost of approximately RM17 billion a year. Local production of beef and mutton account for only 20 and 8 % of national requirements, respectively. Therefore, the industry must be stimulated to produce more meat so the reliance on importation can be reduced. However, the ruminant industry is plagued with diseases that threatening and reduces production efficiency. Thus, this research centre focuses on integrated study on large and small ruminant diseases of importance in epidemiology, diagnosis, treatment and control. In ruminant production, the research focus area is on herd health management for sustainable productivity of the ruminants that includes research on feed and feeding, and breeding.

Wildlife Research Centre

Malaysia is very rich in biodiversity, which has not been fully exploited to benefit the society and country. With deforestation, illegal hunting, and other detrimental activities, the wildlife population is fast dwindling and some species are approaching extinction. There is an urgent need to protect, sustain, restore the wildlife population. Research on captive breeding with the intention of restoring the wildlife is desperately needed. Currently, this research centre focuses on the biology of wildlife including the five (5) fundamental areas comprising of behavior, nutrition, genetics, breeding, and health. Wildlife research at the Faculty is conducted with close collaboration with the Department of Wildlife and National Parks of Malaysia.

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