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Livestock and Veterinary Reproductive Biotechnology

Programme Leader

  1. Professor Dr. Abd Wahid Haron -Theriogenology & Cytogenetics


Co- Researcher

2. Dr. Nurhusien Yimer - Theriogenology & Cytogenetics
3. Associate Professor Dr. Faez Firdaus Jesse Abdullah - Ruminant Medicine
4. Professor Dr. Mohd Ariff Omar - Animal Breeding & Genetics
5. Associate Professor Dr. Gurmeet Kaur Dhaliwal - Small Animal Medicine
6. Associate Professor Dr. Goh Yong Meng - Veterinary Physiology
7. Dr. Siti Zubaidah Ramanooon - Epidemiology and Ruminant Medicine
8. Dr. Sharifah Salmah Syed Hussain - Ruminant Medicine
9. Dr. Azlan Che Amat - Wildlife Medicine


Poor livestock reproduction in Malaysia has long been considered and resulted in low animal production in meeting the national demand. Therefore, this research programme aims to address the many issues on poor reproductive performance in livestock and other animal species.

Efficient reproduction is one of the key important factors in animal production and this can be achieved by implementing animal biotechnology as well as routine reproductive monitoring of the animals. It is hoped that issues on livestock reproduction are resolved following the implementation of advanced and efficient animal biotechnology. Keywords: biotechnology, veterinary reproduction, livestock.

Research Highlights

  1. This research group contributed not less than 10 journal publications and 2-4 post-graduate students every year.
  2. The research group has contributed in assisting and upgrading of livestock farmers via constant farm visits. This is achieved by providing pregnancy diagnosis, fertility evaluation and breeding programme.
  3. This group also contributed significantly in assisting the establishment of private farms focusing on livestock breeding.
  4. Several high-end facilities are available to support its research such as portable ultrasound scanner, automatic semen analyser, gamma counter.
  5. Several national and international networking and linkages have been established which include Department of Veterinary Services, Department of Wildlife and National Parks, Glasgow University and Utrecht University.

Current Projects

1. Genetic characterization and advanced reproductive biotechnology of Malaysian barking deer, MOSTI, RM646,000.

2. Rapid multiplication of Brangus beef cattle through planned breeding and assisted reproductive technology, MOA (Agri-Science Fund), RM198,500.

3. Applications of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) in deer, RUGS, RM77,000. 

Recent Publications

1. Muhammad Modu Bukar, Rosnina Yusoff, Omar Mohammed Ariff, Abd Wahid Haron, Gurmeet Kaur Dhaliwal, Soh Win Naing, Mohammed Azam Khan. Comparison of the patterns of antral follicular development between hormonally synchronized and natural estrous cycles of non-seasonal, polyestrous goats in the tropics. Reproductive Biology, 12(3): 325-328, 2012.

2. Abdul MALIK, Abd Wahid HARON, Rosnina YUSOFF, Azhar KASIM, Sabri Mohd YUSOFF. Pregnancy rate following artificial insemination or natural service in postpartum estrus synchronized beef cattle. Turkish Journal of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, 36(1): 1-5, 2012.

3. N. Yimer, Y. Rosnina, H. Wahid, A. A. Saharee, K. C. Yap, P. Ganesamurthi and M.M. Fahmi. Trans-scrotal ultrasonography and breeding soundness evaluation of bulls in a herd of dairy and beef cattle with poor reproductive performance. Pertanika Journal of Tropical Agricultural Science. 34(2), 217-228, 2011.

4. Naing, S.W., H. Wahid, K. Mohd Azam, Y. Rosnina, A.B. Zuki, S. Kazhal, M. M. Bukar, M. Thein, T. Kyaw, M. M. San. Effect of sugars on characteristics of Boer goat semen after cryopreservation. Animal Reproduction Science. 122, 23-28, 2010. 5. Jainudeen, M.R., Wahid, H. and Hafez, E.S.E. Chapter 29: Ovulation induction, embryo production and transfer. In: Reproduction in Farm Animals. 7th. Edition (Ed: B. Hafez and E.S.E. Hafez.), Lippincott Williams & Wilkins (Baltimore), New York, pp. 405-430, 2000.

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