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Visit by the Ethiopian Ambassador to Faculty of Veterinary Medicine UPM

Visit by the Ethiopian Ambassador to Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, His Excellency, Prof Dr Admasu Tsegaye (3rd from left in the picture)

The Ambassador with his team payed the visit on 5th March 2019 and made a fruitful discussion with the Dean of the Faculty, Prof Dr Mohd Hair Bejo (3rd from right). Present during the discussion was also Prof Dr Mohammad Shariff (2nd from left).

Focus areas of discussions included collaborations in the areas of postgraduate programs, student and academic staff exchange as well as research between the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, UPM and the Veterinary Faculties/Colleges in Ethiopia. Mentioning the high demand for PhD graduates by rapidly increasing newly established universities in Ethiopia, the Ambassador emphasized on the importance of collaborations with institutions to meet the demand.

The Ambassador also mentioned that despite India has been the destination for many of the academic staff training at postgraduate level, he believes that Malaysian institutions of higher education could be a competitive alternative. The Dean of the Faculty, Prof. Dr Mohd Hair Bejo on his part also warmly welcomed the visit by the Ambassador and agreed on the points raised during the discussion.

Remembering the group of Ethiopian students who came to the Faculty for postgraduate studies about ten years back, the dean echoed the ideas mentioned by the Ambassador and agreed to work together to revive the past relation and strengthen the collaboration to a further height in future backed by a memorandum of understanding and a follow up between the two sides. :- by Dr Nurhusien Yimer

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