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» NEWS » Graduan FPV di raikan dalam Majlis Ikrar Penyampaian Hadiah

Graduan FPV di raikan dalam Majlis Ikrar Penyampaian Hadiah

Graduan FPV di raikan dalam Majlis Ikrar Penyampaian Hadiah

SERDANG 17th Nov : There are 98 undergraduate and 27 graduate students in Doctor of Philosophy 13, Master of Veterinary Science 5, Master of Science 8 and Master of Veterinary Medicine 1.

Graduates take their oaths and register as veterinarians and receive their prizes and prizes for their rewards after many years of hard work.

"As veterinarians, graduates need to be aware of the purpose of this pledge and enrollment. Every veterinarian is bound by this promise and is committed to providing excellent service in the practice of their veterinary profession while continuously striving to improve their skills in order to be competitive," said Professor Dato 'Mohd Hair Bejo, who is the Dean of FPV, in the text of his speech in conjunction with the 42nd FPV Prize and Delivery Ceremony held at the FPV Auditorium on 17th November 2019.

Dato 'Dr Quaza Nizamuddin Hassan as President of the Malaysian Veterinary Council also said "Veterinarians play a vital role in transforming the country's livestock industry into modern livelihoods to ensure the country's food supply is adequate and strive to generate national income from the livestock sector".

The prestigious and glorious ceremony was attended by parents of graduates who wanted to celebrate their children's success.

Raja Aiman Hakim Raja Mahmood Graduate Medical Veterinary Doctoral Session 2018/2019 was awarded the Alumni Gold Medal Winner at the University Award with a RM 3,000.00 cash prize, a certificate and a gold medal.

In addition, the Graduate Excellence Prize was awarded by the Faculty where the prizes were sponsored by several of company directly involved in this industry in Malaysia.

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