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1st International Conference on Rabbit Production in the Tropical Climate


The driving force behind RPTC 2019: (From left) Dr. Mohd Mokrish Ajat, Dr. Mohd Shahrom Salisi and Dr. Rozaihan Mansor



CYBERJAYA: As the nation strives to ensure a sustainable supply of food from livestock, rabbit meat that is high in protein content but low in terms of its cholesterol level may be considered as an alternative.

Rabbits are becoming a popular choice of livestock by farmers in many Asian countries today due to their small size and prolific characteristic, can be reared on a mixed diet and are able to adapt well to their surroundings.

In light of the rabbit’s potential as an alternative source of meat, the Malaysian Rabbit Breeders Association (MARBA) in collaboration with Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) and the Asian Rabbit Production Association (ARPA) recently organized the first International Conference on Rabbit Production in the Tropical Climate (RPTC 2019), in conjunction with the 4th Asian Rabbit Production Association (ARPA) Conference in Cyberjaya.

A member of the conference scientific committee and senior lecturer from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (UPM), Dr. Mohd Shahrom Salisi, said that the conference which was attended by delegates from Asian regions such as India, China and Vietnam as well as invited speakers from the United States and France, was organized with the aims of providing the latest information on innovation and research in the rabbit breeding industry while encouraging researchers and rabbit farmers to share the industry’s best practices and as a platform for creating smart partnerships between the researchers, farmers and  other industry stakeholders.

“The idea of ​​organizing a conference on rabbit production came about when the rabbit breeders received information regarding the availability of expertise in the field of rabbit physiology, genetics, reproduction, pathology, parasitology and microbiology present at the faculty through students who attended the industrial training at the respective rabbit farms.

"Hence, MARBA expressed the association’s desire to hold the first conference on rabbit production in this country in hopes that the wide array of expertise offered could help boost the rabbit production industry, particularly in the areas of research and development (R&D)," he said at the conference.

In addition to the oral paper presentations by the international and local delegates, the 2-day conference also included events such as a forum session with the rabbit breeders, a special presentation from the industry’s representative and rabbit-meat cooking competitions.


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