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Faculty Formation History


The period 1969-1971 was the major turning points in the development of higher education in Malaysia. During this period, four new universities have been established in addition to the University of the single University for 20 years.

One of these is the new University Universiti Pertanian Malaysia (UPM), which guide the merger signed by His Majesty the King on October 4th, 1971 was sent, in part as follows:

"There will be a class higher institution of the University, which is a body corporate, is to prepare, organize and promote higher education in the field of Agriculture, Forestry, Medicine and Surgery Veterinary Medicine, Biology, Basic Sciences, Engineering Sciences, Technology, Social Sciences, Human Sciences and Education as well as conducting research and the collection and increase the knowledge and dissemination of knowledge ".

Is hereby established the first faculty of veterinary education in Malaysia. Immediately after the establishment of the Interim Council agreed that the veterinary faculty of the University as one of three basic faculties of this new University, of which two are agriculture and forestry.

Founding dean was appointed in January 1972, and with three academics from the former Department of Fisheries Science, College of Agriculture has founded new faculty who officially called the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science, where the two main farming activities are combined under one organization.

Curriculum planning responsibilities were carried out at an early stage with the help of two advisors, one from Australia and one from the United Kingdom. Curriculum planning at the final stage includes input from Canadian advisers in addition to local members of the Faculty and the Faculty Advisory Board.

Planning for physical facilities created after Dean and other staff study the ease of learning schools in Australia, New Zealand, the United States and Canada. A total of £ 7.8 million has been allocated under the Second Malaysia Plan to build physical facilities of the Faculty. Additional provisions have been asked to accommodate a variety of additional costs. Under the Third Malaysia Plan, a total of £ 400,000 was allocated for this project. The total financial allocation for this development is RM 10.97 million.

The first group of students enrolled in July 1973, almost a month to month 5 years proposed by Sir William Weipers, in 1968. However, this is merely a coincidence and not an actual plan. In fact, although the country is interested in the establishment of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, it's not yet ready, especially in terms of personnel, when the Faculty was established.

The initial nucleus consisting of four people have been added to the loan of an employee of the Department of Veterinary Services, the direct appointment of local officials and outside the country, and the transfer of three officials from the Department of Fisheries Science, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Malaya. The number of faculty members in January 1995 was 65 people.

In the early stages, sought assistance from various sources and eventually found from Australia through the Australian-Asian Universities Co-operation Scheme (AAUCS) and of Canada through the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). Assistance is provided in the form of loans adviser and professor, scholarships for advanced studies for local faculty members and also some equipment.

In addition to veterinary students, the entry also received a diploma program to train for semi-professionals who are knowledgeable in the production and animal health. The first group of veterinary students are awarded a degree in 1978 and until 2000, the award was to 24 making a total of 648 people.

Meanwhile, the first group of students of Diploma in Animal Health and Production was awarded a diploma in 1977 and to 24 in 1999, bringing the total to as many as 916 people.



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