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The "Universiti Pertanian Malaysia Veterinary Alumni" was conceived in 1981 and was eventually enrolled in 1985 with the aim of maintaining and strengthening the UPM Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, graduate and community.

UVA goals are:

to unite these FACULTI graduates by promoting education, professional and social communication.
striving for the good of members in their profession.
to offer continuous support to FACULTY and UPM.
to assist in maintaining good relationships with the public, FACULTY and students.

Ordinary Members are open to FACULTY Veterinary Medicine (DVM) graduates, while academic and professional staff, as well as post-graduate alumni from FACULTY and interested individuals, or involved in veterinary science are encouraged to become associate members. UVA also gives honorary membership to people who have done extraordinary work or been awarded excellent services to veterinary science.

UVA publishes its own newsletter "VETLINK" and regularly organizes seminars and workshops. UVA education funds have allowed UVA to support its members to attend professional conferences, seminars or workshops. UVA contributed to Howell - Jubb's prize for the best DVM students in the subject of Applied Science Veterinary. Other social activities such as dinner gatherings, sports events and gatherings are also organized.

The scope of UVA activity is increasing with the active support of its members. It is a wish from the veteran UVA link between alumni and those in the veterinary profession will grow in strength in the future.


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