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Innovative White Spot Syndrome Virus (WSSV) Detection Kit

Since 1992, WSSV caused major losses to the shrimp industry in many Asian countries. China recorded shrimp production loss of 80% that was equivalent to about US$1 billion. In Malaysia losses in Sabah alone were estimated to be in the region of RM 60 million. There is no treatment for the disease and the only way to avoid losses is to screen the shrimp larvae before they are introduced into the growout ponds.

This kit is the first that uses the advanced and automated single tube approach to detect WSSV, which is completely different from the conventional nested PCR method involving cumbersome two tubes and multiple-step procedures. This novel single tube method for shrimp virus is the first in the world and is patent pending. The innovative rapid detection system has the following advantages: Single tube - low risk of contamination, economical, fast and user friendly

  • Sensitive (can detect as low as 10 copies of viral DNA target
  • Built-in false negative and positive controls - reliable results
  • Indicates infection levels (light, moderate and heavy)
The use of this kit to detect WSSV has saved millions of Ringgits and the shrimp industry in many countries. The kit is being sold in Australia, Indonesia, India, South America, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Thailand.

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